Data Integration

& Data Science Consulting

Modern data integration tools and data engineering techniques can simplify and speed up the process of cleaning, transforming, and bringing together data from all of your sources to make it analytics-ready.


Unlock the potential of your data

Cloud-based data architectures provide the ability to ingest new data sources in minutes and scale your storage and compute just as quickly. This flexibility increases the potential to get more value from your data—but for many organisations, the rapid accumulation of data has resulted in messy, siloed data, leaving them wondering how to make sense of it all.

By combining our data engineering skills and our deep expertise with the modern data stack, we will make sure your data pipeline efficiently gets your data from all its sources to a state where game-changing analysis can happen.

Person building data model


Transform Data into Action with a modern data stack

At Edinburgh Innovation Labs we specialise in setting up modern data stacks for efficient data processing and analysis. Our solutions include real-time processing, cloud technology for enhanced security and accessibility, and valuable data insights for improved decision making. Let us help you unlock the potential of your data.





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